ITIL activities and associated documents

If you are building or developing your ITIL framework the following list of activities and associated documents might assist you to expedite the implementation.

Each link will take you to the Consulting Cloud website where you will be able to browse and download documents related to each activity. You will also find on the website a full ITIL organization structure as well as a functional description of each role.

ITIL document or activity (click on the links to find documents)

Develop and maintain Business Strategy and Objectives
Develop and maintain IT Strategy and objectives
Develop and maintain Service Portfolio, Service Pipeline, Retired Services
Agree Budget /Forecast future requirements 
Develop and maintain cost model
Develop and maintain Service Knowledge Management System
Build and maintain Service Catalog
Negotiate and document Service Level Agreements
Negotiate and document Operational Level Agreements
Negotiate and document Underpinning Contracts  
Undertake Business Impact Analysis
Undertake Risk Analysis
Develop and maintain Business Continuity Plan
Develop and maintain IT Service Continuity Plan
Develop and maintain Availability Plan
Develop and maintain Capacity Plan
Develop and maintain Information Security Policy
Build and maintain Configuration Management System
Create Request for Change Record Template
Develop and maintain Standard Change Models  
Develop and maintain Release Policy
Create Release Record Template
Create Roll-out Plan Template
Create Training and Communication Plan Template
Create Release Build Plan Template
Create Back out Plan Template  
Create Release Test Plan Template  
Create Release Implementation Plan Template
Maintain and develop DML Index
Create Incident Record Template  
Create Event Record Template  
Create Request Record Template
Create Problem Record Template
Create Known Error Record Template
Develop and maintain Continuous Service Improvement Programme (CSIP)  
Develop and maintain Customer Satisfaction Surveys  



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